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Virtual Summit

The Virtual Summit is an online global gathering of aspiring change makers, young entrepreneurs in underserved communities, thought leaders, transformational development practitioners, funders, and business leaders. Over this two-day experience participants are called to explore new ways of thinking and entrepreneurial action, which is connected to their community, through an exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

Designed to inform, inspire, and engage participants around issues that impact young people’s lives, the Virtual Summit aims to answer two pressing questions

  • What would it take to create new patterns of thinking and being, cultural norms, and systems that are generated from conscious leadership?
  • What would it take for emerging leaders to understand both the visible and hidden sources of action and inaction and the attitudes that determine them?

The event includes keynote presentations on pressing global challenges, practical skill-building workshops, and showcases successful businesses launched by graduates from our signature program: the Entrepreneurial Challenge.

The Summit is free of charge for all participants and open to everyone but is especially aimed at young women and men between the ages 18-29 in underserved areas, including aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in making a difference in the lives of their family, community, country, and around the planet. We also encourage people working in education, with youth organizations, and/or youth development to attend.

The speakers are all leaders in their communities and are focused on the development of self-aware and peaceful leadership that inspires tolerance and commitment to a sustainable future.

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