Global Leadership Coalition

Changing Lives Through Social Entrepreneurship


As part of our foundational approach, the Global Leadership Coalition partners with local leadership and entrepreneurship development organizations and startup accelerators who have a comprehensive understanding of regional economic development challenges. We work closely with our partners to determine the types of businesses and services that are most needed and focus on an ethical approach to financial stability, job creation, and sustainable growth. All of our entrepreneurs are required to align their business plan with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to outline a mission and vision that actively contributes to both the local and global community. 

Each partner provides a deeply necessary regional perspective that ensures each Entrepreneurship Challenge program is relevant, correlated, and targeted to the pressing needs of their community. Partners leverage their valuable networks to activate regional entrepreneurship experts, mentors, sponsors, and promotional partners for the Entrepreneurship Challenge. Our partners are also program sponsors, hosting the five-day Boot Camp, and providing an ongoing local connection to the program participants that support our commitment to further develop the graduates over a five-year period.

In 2016 we began our Ghana partnership with The Terry Mante Exchange, a consultancy that offers thought leadership solutions for business and personal growth. As our primary partner in West Africa, Terre Mante provides promotional support, community outreach, and funding for the Entrepreneurship Challenge.

A key partner in Ghana is The Accra Hub, an innovation center and a co-working space that builds capacity and provides support services for startups and growth stage businesses to thrive. The Hub provides training facilities and a business resource center for our Accra based Boot Camps.

A partner from 2014, the Caribbean Center of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods is an economic and entrepreneurship development organization, focused on cultivating entrepreneurial and resilient citizens. COESL provides local leadership, community outreach and resources for the Entrepreneurship Challenge.

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