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Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Global Leadership Coalition’s Entrepreneurship Challenge is a series of gated and competitive courses that train and empower young entrepreneurs in lesser resourced communities. The training transforms young entrepreneurs into ethical, innovative, and risk-taking leaders in both their businesses and their community and provides an opportunity to network and engage with peers, mentors, and local and international leaders.

Over the course of the program, entrepreneurs aged 18-29, will learn while doing as they launch, nurture, and grow an ethical, sustainable, job-creating, and SDG aligned business / social enterprise in their community. Throughout the process, entrepreneurs will learn ethical leadership, team building, product development, operational business models, and how to be purpose-driven and unstoppable leaders.

Prioritizing ethical leadership as a key differentiator to other entrepreneurship programs, the Entrepreneurship Challenge delivers transformational leadership and innovation, in addition to entrepreneurial training. The proprietary curriculum and approach combine practical startup business acceleration methodology with personal development and leadership training. The program includes mentorship as well as networking with local and international leaders, peers, and other entrepreneurs. 

Participant Benefits 

  • Unstoppable & Innovative – learn to overcome challenges and follow through on your ideas.
  • Results Oriented – achieve stated goals while laying the groundwork for a sustainable business.
  • Adaptable – implement necessary course adjustments and use the tools acquired during the training.
  • Coachable – become comfortable in seeking out and responding to coaching and mentoring.
  • Reliable & Disciplined –  fully participate in the training sessions and online training while leading your team.
  • Accountable – use the expertise to launch and grow a feasible and sustainable business.

Stage One: Boot Camp

The Boot Camp is a five-day, intensive program that rapidly trains young leaders to become ethical entrepreneurs and leaders who are taking actions to transform their societies through their business endeavors. Participants are inspired to think broadly, to take thoughtful risks, and to innovate in their business as well as their community. Most importantly, they graduate from the program with a vision that connects their entrepreneurial spirit to something larger than just themselves. 

At the conclusion of the five-day Boot Camp, a jury of local entrepreneurs and leaders select the participants who have displayed commitment, vision, leadership and dedication to launching and growing a viable business that benefits themselves and their community. Selected participants will be invited to continue their growth in the next stage of The Entrepreneurship Challenge, the Internship.

Stage Two: Internship

Boot Camp graduates who are invited to participate in the Internship will be paired with a personal coach / mentor and will participate in a 4-month series of weekly online classes that will deepen their leadership and entrepreneurship skills, improve their business plan, build a team, and launch/grow their business. This phase of the program takes ideas and turns them into realities. At the conclusion of the Internship, a jury of seasoned entrepreneurs and community leaders will select the most promising projects resulting in a first place entrepreneur and runner-up of the Challenge. However, all participants are winners and each will go on to be part of the Global Leadership Coalition community which provides networking , ongoing support and growth opportunities.

Stage Three: International Showcase

The first place and runner up of the Internship will be invited to present their business at an International Showcase where they will be introduced to relevant business leaders, funders and members of the international development community.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 29, have completed your secondary education, and be either currently enrolled or a graduate of University, College or Technical Training School.
  • Have a business idea that contributes to the achievement of the SDGs which is determined by your locality.
  • Be able to commit to participate in the entire program, including all three stages. 
    1. Boot Camp: The first stage includes 40 hours of in-person training and approximately 4-5 hours of additional homework. This stage results in a feasible business plan.
    2. Internship: The second stage includes those who successfully complete the Boot Camp who graduate into a 4 month online training course with weekly homework assignments and meetings with an assigned mentor. This stage requires further development, team building, and the launch of the business. 
    3. International Showcase: The third stage promotes the juried winners from the Internship who have developed and launched the most promising businesses. Based on regional laws, it is sometimes necessary for the winners to attend virtually.
  • Be a current resident of and living in the country or countries included in each Boot Camp. 
  • Be able to raise money to attend the event including travel/airfare/expenses.
  • Be fluent in English, both spoken and written. 
  • Have consistent access to a computer and the internet.
  • Have basic digital skills such as using a computer, conducting research online, creating digital documents, and attending online meetings that require a computer speaker and ideally a camera.
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