Global Leadership Coalition

Changing Lives Through Social Entrepreneurship

Approach & Methodology


The development of extraordinary community leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to transforming their society through leadership, job creation, and economic self-sufficiency.


Every person on the planet is powerfully living their life while igniting extraordinary change within themselves, their communities, and the world.

The Global Leadership Coalition is a catalyst for young entrepreneurs who are committed to propelling themselves, their community, and their society forward. Our commitment is to build ethical and entrepreneurial leaders and innovative entrepreneurs, empowering them with leadership and entrepreneurship skills. We co-develop a framework for success with each entrepreneur while unleashing creativity and innovation. We currently work in the USA, the Caribbean, Western Africa. 

We believe ethical leadership development is an entry point for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. We aim to create a high standard of self-discipline, self-management, harmonious interaction, creativity, and strategic action.

To achieve our mission, we provide transformational leadership training, a framework to create an actionable business plan, and real world coaching and mentorship to set entrepreneurs up for success, no matter what challenges they face.

To support our participants, we stick with them over time, monitoring their progress and offering support. A key aspect of our program is our collaboration with business leaders, policy makers, and community leaders who enable the participants to have access to support they need to be successful.

The Global Leadership Coalition is committed to transforming lives through ethical entrepreneurship. 

Mary Symmonds, Founder

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