Our Mission is to bring Transformation Opportunities to Leaders in the Caribbean, Oceania, Latin America and elsewhere. We Empower Leaders to Transform their Communities and to see Greatness in Others and Themselves. We aim to create agency among young people  unfolding opportunity

The vision of our organization is to have everyone powerfully living life and igniting extraordinary change. To achieve this, the Global Leadership Coalition (GLC) will provide training to unleash the creativity and innovation in young leaders between the ages of 18 and 29. We also work with policy makers and local communities. We aim to create a high standard of self-discipline, self-management, harmonious interaction, creativity and strategic action.

We believe leadership development is an entry point for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation as a catalyst for propelling our societies forward. To promote and foster youth entrepreneurship, we have partnered with 1M1B, an organization which aims to create 1 million jobs that will create 1 billion jobs.

Approach to Leadership Promotion:

  • Offer transformational leadership training and Establish partnerships with transformational and leadership development entities to build up leadership capacities in the participating countries that will promote success and fulfillment
  • Establish sustainable structures for leadership training in-country
  • Create ways of enabling citizens to have access to the training on a cost sharing basis
  • Monitor and showcase results of actions taken by graduates of leadership training

Approach to Entrepreneurship Promotion: 

  • Conduct case studies on participating countries to determine the context and opportunities for innovation.
  • Issue calls to action.
  • Select a first cut of best proposals and provide leadership and entrepreneurship training and allow refinement of proposals.
  • Select finalists and provide finalists with a four month internship that will allow them to further develop their skills and  finalize their projects.
  • Create mentoring relationships.
  • Showcase the top 10 at annual conferences to attract investors and disseminate success stories using multimedia approaches.
  • Follow up monitoring and linking best proposals to sources of financing.