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The Global Leadership Coalition

At the Global Leadership Coalition, we believe leadership development is an entry point for promoting entrepreneurship and innovation as a catalyst for propelling our societies forward. To foster leadership of the next generation of entrepreneurs, we have developed transformational leadership and entrepreneurial training  programs to support the launch of new business in local communities around the world.

The Global Leadership Coalition (GLC) program is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations  whose goal is to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Our particular focus is on:

• Building Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills
• Developing Ethical and Sustainable Local Businesses
• Creating Long Term Employment Opportunities
• Reducing Poverty for Under-served Communities

2019 Partners

We continue to use our core methodology of partnering with local organizations having a deep understanding of the regional and country characteristics.  In 2019 we are running a program in Ghana.  Our partners are Terry Mante Exchange and The Accra Hub.  We continue to partner with 1M1B on entrepreneurship training and development.

2016 Partners

Our core methodology has us partner with local organizations that have a deep understanding of the regional characteristics. In 2016 we are running two programs in the Caribbean and in Ghana. In the Caribbean we are partnering with COESL the Caribbean Center of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods. In Ghana we are partnering with the Terry Mante Exchange, PEDNET, and ORios. Our ongoing entrepreneurship training and development partner is 1M1B whose goal is to create 1 million jobs that will impact 1 billion people.


The GLC program starts with a call for entries for sustainable, ethical and job creating business ideas in localized areas. From those submissions, a team of independent judges select the most promising young entrepreneurs to participate in a boot camp workshop to further develop their idea into a business plan. The four day workshop provides training in leadership, team building, product development, market analysis and an operational model. From them participants move into a four month internship program where they are paired with a mentor who supports the development of actionable business plans, further develops their leadership and provides ongoing support.

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In 2015, the Global Leadership Coalition partnered with 1M1B Foundation and the Caribbean Center for Sustainable Livelihoods to reach 77  young people across the Caribbean. The leading two project teams were brought to present in front of an international audience at the United Nations in New York City.  

In 2016 the Global Leadership Coalition partnered with the Caribbean Center for Sustainable Livelihoods, Terry Mante Exchange, PedNet and Orios Group  to reach almost 100 young people across the Caribbean and Ghana.  The leading 5  project teams from the Caribbean and Ghana presented their enterprises in front of an international audience at the United Nations in New York City during an event hosted by the Permanent Mission of Ghana to the United Nations.

From 2015 through 2018 the Global Leadership Coalition has held an Annual International Young Leaders Virtual Summit which engages young people between the ages of 18 and 29 globally around issues that impact their lives.  The discussions are led by selected international and inter-generational thought leaders. The summit also showcases the work and progress of its entrepreneurs. Its Fifth International Young Leaders Virtual Summit is coming up in November 2019.

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