Perpetual Sfarijlani – Transforming Lives Through Fashion Design

Perpetual Sfarijlani is one of nine Ghanaian entrepreneurs selected to participate in the highly competitive internship of the New York-based Global Leadership Coalition social entrepreneurship accelerator. Raised in the capital city of Accra, Ghana, witnessing child homelessness, prostitution and robbery on a daily basis, Perpetual has developed a powerful resolve to be at the source of social transformation. Her mission to support these underserved children while creating a lasting impact on their communities, is to spark their entrepreneurial confidence while training them in the skills necessary to create their own business in fashion and design.

Ed-Prep La-Coutouriere, is the Fashion and Design School Perpetual founded to serve the youth in her community, so they in turn can transform the world. In her words, “My project is to give back to society, helping the poor, needy and less privileged. It is a foundation and the aim is to get children off the street, by training them to become one with their communities and in the world. It means a lot to me because these children need to be taken care of. Have you ever thought of how they manage to cope without family members? You have no idea what his people are going through. I can use my career to create job opportunities for them, and enable them to have a belonging place in society.”

Within three months, she plans to train at least 10 young people in essential skills of fashion design and sewing. She is also partnering with like-minded individuals and companies to organize fashion shows to inspire and showcase her students’ talent. Ultimately she plans to train more than a thousand of people to contribute their sewing and design skills to their nation. According to Perpetual, this is the exact reason Ed-Perp La-Coutouriere Foundation must be heard Worldwide.

Partnered with her mentor from the Global Leadership Coalition, Maajoa Asabea Yeboah, fulfillment of Perpetual’s ambitions is imminently achievable. Maajoa is the founder of both the fashion accessories brand Asabea Ayisi, and of One Girl One Skill, a free skills training and mentorship program designed for schools, orphanages and communities across the country. They share similar visions: To provide mentorship to underprivileged youth, and serve their communities and the world while still spreading the light in what they love – FASHION.

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