Participant Vijay Dialsingh Overcomes Failure by Creating a Game Changing Agricultural Platform

Vijay Headshot

Vijay Dialsingh graduated from the University of the West Indies in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Studies and Economics. Even though he accomplished a solid career in the financial industry, he never felt truly accomplished or fulfilled. While looking for a more meaningful way to contribute, he found that the agriculture business had the greatest opportunities for growth. After initial success, Vijay left his secure office job to take on farming as a full time profession. Unfortunately this is when things started to get challenging, and a failed crop nearly wiped him out for good.

While asking himself the simple question “what could I have done differently”, Vijay stumbled upon an idea that would change everything. Realizing that his challenge was lack of timely and relevant data that would have helped him diagnose his crop problem he created Growsmartt, a platform designed to assist farmers with little experience in agriculture.

Now a successful commercial farmer, Vijay continues to develop new initiatives while providing advice to new farmers through the framework of Growsmartt.

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