Global Leadership Coalition

Changing Lives Through Social Entrepreneurship

The Global Leadership Coalition

Empowering the next generation of global leaders through transformational leadership and ethical entrepreneurial training programs.

Graduates learn the skills necessary to launch and grow ethical businesses that create jobs and transform communities while contributing to the end poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring long term prosperity for all.

The programs are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in 2016 and target young entrepreneurs from lesser resourced communities around the globe. To date the organization has trained communities in West Africa, India, the Caribbean and the United States. The programs are designed to develop young entrepreneurs into community leaders who establish job creating, sustainable, and ethical businesses. The programs accomplish this through mentorship, networking, and training in four key areas:

  • Developing Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Building Ethical and Sustainable Local Businesses
  • Creating Long Term Employment Opportunities
  • Reducing Poverty for Lesser Resourced Communities


Virtual Summit

The Virtual Summit is an online global gathering of aspiring change makers, young entrepreneurs, thought leaders, transformational development practitioners, funders, and business leaders. Over this two-day experience participants are called to explore new ways of thinking and entrepreneurial action, which is connected to their community, through an exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

The Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Global Leadership Coalition’s Entrepreneurship Challenge is a series of competitive and gated programs: the Boot Camp, the Internship, and the International Showcase. The three part training program transforms young entrepreneurs into ethical, innovative, and risk-taking leaders in both their businesses and their community, and provides an opportunity to network and engage with peers, mentors, and local and international leaders.


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